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Scans and News

This morning Julia had an ultrasound and CT scan. She was more upset about not being able to eat breakfast or have a drink of water before we left (needed to be on an empty stomach), than having the scans done. She is such a trooper and so brave. Dr. Stern had us wait around while the scans were read so that we could get some results. The tumor is responding to the treatments just as they have wanted. The tumor has move out of the IVC (the blood vessel from the kidney to the heart) and it was confirmed that it is now half the size. Julia’s liver is also clear. This is all great news. They did notice a small spot on Julia’s lower lung. When they compared it to the previous scan, they confirmed that this was not anything new – good news. Due to the previous size of the tumor, they were just not able to distinguish this spot as being on the lung and not the tumor itself. During surgery, they will take a biopsy as needed to see if this is more cancer. If it is, it will change the treatment plan, but the prognosis is still very good. We are waiting to hear from the surgeon’s office to set an appointment for next week. We will meet with him and anesthesia to discuss the surgery. It looks like Julia’s surgery will be before the end of the month.

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