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A Week Without Chemo

Julia had a good week. She was a bit tired after last week’s chemo treatment. She spent the day after her chemo in bed, resting and getting over a “bad tummy”. By Thursday, she was feelng much better and able to go to school.

Julia had a clinic visit today. She had blood tests to check all her counts. A few of her counts were lower than normal, but this is due to the effects of last week’s chemo. Nothing was too low and her counts should begin to rebound this week.

While we were at clinic waiting for the test results, Julia played with the mini-car. She road around the play area. After some time, she placed a toy clock on the trunk of the car. “This is my time machine,” she said, “and I am going to the future.” She would pretend to go back and forth from the present to the future. She said I want to go to the “future where there are no tubies” (Julia calls her port and IV her “tubie”). She is really getting tired of all the doctor visits and the “ouches”. We have started to count down the final visits and last three chemo treatments.

Julia also lost her second tooth this week and is excited that the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny will both be coming to visit her this week.

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