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First Post Chemo Scan

Hard to believe that 3 months have passed, since we last posted. Summer has come and gone, Julia has started kindergarten and it is already time for her first set of post-chemo scans and doctor visits. Yesterday, Julia had a cardiologist appointment and everything looks good. He feels the irregular heart rhythm was due to the tumor and now that she is through treatment, he has taken her off the Digoxin.

Today, Julia had her first set of scans and lab work after treatment. Ultrasound, chest x-ray and lab work, along with a visit with the oncologist. All scans are clear! Her labs were good. Her white blood count and ANC level remain low, but that is expected. These counts will probably not be within a normal range for another few months. Julia still does not have any reflexes in her legs (a side effect of the VinCristine). The doctor said that this could a few more months to return.

Now its time to concentrate on kindergarten and being a healthy kid!

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