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9 month post-treatment check

Spring is here and with it comes great news! Julia had her three month scans and labwork this week. Monday morning she had a abdominal ultrasound, chest x-ray and labs. Friday was a visit with Julia’s oncologist, Dr. Stern. EVERYTHING IS CLEAR!!! All her labs were back to normal and scans were perfect! Her physical was good and growth is normal – no signs of any effects from the radiation treatments.

Julia has been given clearance to have dental work completed. She needs to have oral surgery to protect further damage. The chemo has ruined the enamel on her teeth (this is common) and she needs to have 3 caps and several cavaties filled. We will need to schedule this in the next few weeks.

Julia’s next visit will be in 3 months for a full CT scan and 1 year post treatment exam.


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