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Julia went back to see all her friends atcamp on Wednesday. She got to go on the trip to the moviesbefore having to go to the doctor for her shot. She needed to get a dose of Neulasta. She was so brave getting another needle and made sure to tell the nurse that ” I didn’t make a singletear – not even a little bit”. Julia does not need to go back to the doctor until Monday when her blood counts will need to be checked. Hopefully, the dip is not too bad after the first round.Today, Julia went back to camp for the entire day. She is so excited to be with all her friends. Today was beach day so she spent time under the spinkler. She is looking forward to going to swim lessons on Monday morning with her class. She isable to go in the water again since the incision from the biopsy has healed.Julia’s energy level has been great and we have been able to control her nausea with the Zofran (the “belly pills”). Mornings are a little rough, but we give her a dose before getting out of bed for the start of the day. Looking forward to a fun weekend with birthday parties and play dates.

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