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Rough Day

This round of chemo is much harder on Julia. The new chemo drug, Carboplatin, is quickly showing its side effects. Julia woke up at 3:00 AM this morning vomiting. We gave her some Ativan to help with the nausea and it seemed to help for a short time. She fell back to sleep for a bit, but as soon as she woke, she began to throw up once again. As soon as time permitted, we gave another dose of Ativan, but Julia quickly threw that up. Nothing stayed in her stomach this morning.

Since Julia was not feeling well, it was a long ride into the city for chemo today. With “bucket in hand”, she kept saying, “I will be okay. I am just getting a little car sick”, as if to give us comfort. Once checked into the clinic, Julia got her 24-hour dose of Zofran. Since her port was left accessed, she was able to get some relief quickly. After that she was able to drink some water and eat a plain bagel – and keep it down. Chemo followed and a dose of IV Ativan. You could tell that Julia is not feeling well. She quietly watched some TV, dosing off on occasion. She had no interest in arts and craft and playing. The nurse suggested that we try a dose of Benadryl before bed tonight. Hopefully, this mix will give Julia some relief.

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