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Radiation Begins – So Far, So Good

On Monday, Julia went to clinic in the morning to get her blood counts checked. Her counts went up so no transfusion was needed!!! We headed into the city for her first radiation treatment. Julia was able to lie still throughout the treatment and was very brave while she was left alone in the treatment room for her “special x-ray”.

For the last three days, Julia has enjoyed listening to some special stories that were taped by her teachers at Brooke Elementary. She has enjoyed guessing who was reading the story of the day. In fact, the radiation techs have listened in; wanting to hear the end of Pinkalicious and applauding when the Winnie the Pooh stories were read.

Today, Julia was back at clinic. Her counts have dropped over the last few days and we will need to watch next week as her radiation treatments continue. She has two more radiation treatments this week (this afternoon and Friday), then it is time for a weekend of rest and counting the hours until Halloween. Julia is just a tiny bit excited…

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