Preparing for Camp and a Phillies Game

Julia had a clinic visit this Monday. Her counts were good and it appears that everything is stable. Listening to her lungs, there doesn’t seem to be any change, so clinically, everything appears the same. We are so thankful for this and hope the Temodar continues to slow the growth of Julia’s tumor. Julia is going to the Ronald McDonald Camp on August 11. She went last year and had such a wonderful time. Julia is so excited and is counting the days until she gets back to camp to meet new friends and see her old friends from last year. It is such a wonderful time for her – just being a kid and forgetting about having cancer for one week. No one staring at her hair, or lack of it, and wonderi

Another New Normal

Julia had a clinic appointment on Monday. Everything appears to be stable and she started the second round of Temodar that evening. She will have five nights of this oral chemo and then 3 weeks off. Julia will go back to clinic in two weeks just so we can check if there appears to be any changes. Julia’s Hospice nurse, Kristen, also comes every week to check her breathing and heartbeat. From past experience, when things change, they changed quickly. Hopefully, the Temodar works and keeps “the beast” at bay, but it gives us some peace of mind knowing that we have someone checking on the off clinic weeks. Julia is feeling well and so we are keeping her very busy. Tutoring has started again so

Goal #1 – A Week of Wicked

It has been an exciting week for Julia. As many know, her favorite musical is Wicked. After seeing it last February, she has been in love with the story and the music. Julia listens to the soundtrack whenever she has a chance and sings along. We bought tickets soon after our New York trip to see the show when it came to Philadelphia. When Julia was in the hospital last month and we got heard prognosis, everyone began to look at ways we could get her to see Wicked once again. The Child Life team contacted a group from Little Smiles and Aunt Donna reached out to the Kimmel Center. To our surprise, and Julia’s delight, she would be seeing Wicked three times in eight days – once in New York and

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