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Julia's mother, Janet, kept a journal from when we first learned of Julia's illness.  She documented Julia's journey and her wisdom.  Some of the entries are funny, some are heartbreaking, but all are important moments that will help you understand "Julia's Grace."

Julia wished to tell her story in her own words…

My name is Julia Grace Eveland. I am now eight years old. I have two older brothers, John and James, who I adore. I live in Royersford, PA with my Mom and Dad, James, and my Pop Pop (my brother John moved to KY for work after he graduated from college).

I will be in third grade at Brooke Elementary this year. I love to play with all of my friends there. I love to sing – especially songs from the musical Wicked. I love swimming and arts & crafts.

I was diagnosed at 5 years old with a Wilm’s tumor (stage 3) on December 2, 2009. I had chemo, surgery, and radiation treatments and had my port removed on June 22, 2010.

On July 11, 2011, during one of my routine scans, they found a large mass in my right chest cavity. It was confimed that the Wilm’s has come back. My treatment with this relapse included chemo and 30 days of radiation.

I had another relapse in September 2012, when the doctors found two small tumors in each of my lungs. This time I am having surgery to remove the tumors followed by radiation.

On February 27, 2013, doctors found a large mass in my right lung during a CT-scan. I started on a new chemotherapy regime to shrink the tumor. During preparation for a stem-cell transplant, the tumor came back. The doctors don’t know what to do now as there is not a standard protocol for treatment.

I will be cured and your thoughts and prayers will help me during this difficult challenge.

Julia was taken from us far too early in September 2013.

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