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The End, the Beginning

Julia had a difficult morning, her breathing was more labored and her cough continued. More medicine to make her comfortable.

As I snuggled beside her, I asked “How is my Star Girl?

Julia struggled to talk, and in a whisper I leaned in to hear as she said “I fight evil.”

“I know you fight evil, that’s what Star Girl does”, a banter that we often shared.

She fought for her next breath, “I can’t give up.”

“It’s okay to stop fighting, Daddy and I will fight for you. You know we all love you so much”.

“I know.”

Julia got her Angel Wings this afternoon at 2:05 PM. She was home, not alone, and surrounded by family.

We have all cried too many tears, questioned why too many times. All I know is that tonight, there is a new, even brighter star in the evening sky. It’s shining down on all of us.

Now it is time for us to continue the fight for Julia, our precious Star Girl.

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