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If you prefer to donate securities to the Julia Grace Foundation, your broker will be able to transfer them directly into our brokerage account.  One tax advantage of donating securities into the Julia Grace Foundation brokerage account is your ability to avoid capital gains taxes on any gains you have over the original cost of the securities.  If you first sell the securities into cash and then make a donation, your capital gains could be taxed, depending on your tax bracket.  If you first sell the securities and  donate cash, the capital gains also have the potential to increase your income and move you into a higher tax bracket.


If you are over 70 ½ and subject to a Required Minimum Distribution, you may transfer securities directly from your IRA to the Julia Grace Foundation account.  This is a Qualified Charitable Distribution, and the value of the securities are not added to your taxable income.  Because of the recent change in federal income tax law, this strategy preserves the charitable deduction.


If you are planning to donate securities, please contact us at the Julia Grace Foundation for the specific instructions.  These instructions are then provided to your broker, who will complete the transaction.

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