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Julia showed us all how to live each day to the fullest, enjoying every moment.  Julia told us that giving someone a hug brings happiness.  Taking her lead, we have developed our Hug ProgramHugs are special surprises delivered through Hug Boxes at home, the clinic, or distributed at public events to children who are currently diagnosed with and under treatment for any form of childhood cancer.


Our standard Hug Boxes are based on Julia’s list.  We provide these boxes to children’s hospitals so that social workers and child life specialists can provide it to a child when they just need a smile.  Families of children with cancer can also request a Hug Box via our program brochure or via the Hug Box link below.

Julia's Grace List

Our current Hug Boxes include:


#1 – Grab Some Friends and Have a Lunch Date box.  It contains gift cards for local restaurants. 


#2 – Think of Happy Thoughts box.  It contains a journal, colored pencils, magnet, pencil and sharpener.

#3 – Watch a Funny Movie box. It contains movie candy, microwave popcorn, and RedBox® movie certificates, something the whole family can enjoy.

#4 – Hear Some Nice Music box. It contains iTunes® gift cards, a small pillow, and earbuds. 

#5 – Think About Puppies box is designed for younger children and includes a stuffed puppy, a copy of Sandra Boynton’s book Snuggle Puppy, and a framed print that Ms. Boynton created especially for Julia’s Grace Foundation®.

To order one of our standard Hug Boxes, use the Request a Hug Box link to the left.


A Hug Box can also contain a simple, personalized request for something that will brighten a child’s day.  For example, Julia’s Grace® has provided tickets to a Broadway show with dinner or a day at the zoo.  This personalized Hug Box can be a simple surprise based on a child’s likes. They can also be specific request for an activity or an event that a child and family would like to do.


These are typically local in nature and do not require extensive travel.  Personalized Hug Boxes can be requested through a social worker or child life worker with our Hug Request Form (found below).

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