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The Story of Our Ribbon

Julia was five years old the first time lost her hair from the effects of chemotherapy. She immediately said that she wanted to find hats that she could wear that would make her feel special. She was always quite the fashionista, and her collection of hats began in the winter of 2010. From tie-dye with flowers to rhinestone studded caps, Julia always knew how to accessorize. Her hats made a statement and always made people smile when they saw her. Julia had one favorite hat that was made of a zebra print fabric with a bright pink feather puff. She was a trend setter, wearing this combination long before its recent popularity.


When Julia relapsed in May of 2013, she was not able to join her class at the annual Olympic Day at the end of the school year. Her classmates wanted to let Julia know that she would be there with them in spirit, so the entire school wore ribbons that they made - zebra ribbons with pink tips. 

Since that day, we've worn these ribbons. We wear them to remind us of Julia.

We wear them to remind us that a 95% cure rate for Wilm’s tumor is just not good enough.


We must find a cure for all childhood cancers.


We wear them to remind us to do something to make someone happy - to “give someone a hug."

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