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"Think About What Your Are Going To Do In The Future" Scholarship

In 2024, Julia’s Grace Foundation will award up to five scholarships at $1,000 each.  This scholarship program is open to childhood cancer survivors and their siblings (siblings of survivors or those who did not survive).  Scholarship awards may be used for post-high school training program or education and are open to residents of Montgomery, Bucks, Lehigh, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania and Burlington, Camden, Mercer counties in New Jersey.


The Application Process

  1. Visit to access our electronic application form. 

  2. Using whatever medium you prefer, explain how childhood cancer has impacted your life and, if it continues to do so, in what ways.  We welcome creativity in the method and content of your response.  Your medium can be, but is not limited to, essay, poetry, drawing, sculpture, video, and music.                                                                          

  3. We are interested in understanding the emotional impact cancer has had on your life as well as how you have used this experience to make a positive impact on others.

  4. Once you have completed the application and attached your story, submit your application online.  Remember, the application deadline is March 1.

  5. We will contact scholarship award winners on or around April 1.



About Julia’s Grace Foundation

Julia's Grace Foundation® brings moments of happiness and support to children with cancer and their families.   Using Julia’s list of ten things to make you happy as a guide, JGF helps children with cancer and their families smile with our "hug" program and provides families with support through our "grace" program. Visit our website for more information.



The Fine Print

  1. Payments will be made directly to the institute of higher education and can be applied to tuition, fees, or books.

  2. You may receive this scholarship award only once.

  3. You must be (a) a childhood cancer patient/survivor or (b) a sibling of an individual who is in current treatment for or has survived childhood cancer, or (c) a sibling of an individual who has passed away from childhood cancer.

  4. You must be under age 25 and must have been diagnosed (or sibling diagnosed) prior to age 21.

  5. At the time the award is granted, you must be enrolled in or accepted to a two- or four- year accredited college, university, or vocational-technical school.

  6. You must provide a letter from a treating physician verifying that you (or your sibling) are/were treated for cancer.

  7. The completed application and supporting documents must be submitted by March 1, 2024.

  8. You and your parents, if you are a minor, must sign a release that you agree to have your name, photograph or video, and sibling’s name, if applicable, published in news media or any Julia’s Grace Foundation publication as a recipient of the #7 – Think About What You Are Going to Do in the Future Scholarship.  You must also agree to have your name, story, and photo published on the Julia’s Grace Foundation website and on social media.

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