Start to Week 2 Post Chemo

Julia had a clinic appointment this afternoon to check her counts. Last week was a good week, with only one clinic visit. The Neulasta really gives a boost to her counts during the first week after chemo. Her counts were good early in the week, so we did not need to .come back to see the doctor until today We started to notice Julia’s energy level diminishing over the weekend. Julia was very tired in the early evening, falling asleep long before her usual bedtime. It really didn’t stop her during the day, with a play date on Saturday and a birthday party to attend on Sunday. Julia was all about being with her friends – laughing and playing, just being a 7-year-old. This afternoon we headed t

A Cold and Chemo

Julia’s fever broke on Monday. She was off from school for the day, so she spent most of the time relaxing and watching videos. We kept an eye on any changes, but it seemed that whatever caused the fever was viral. We got confirmation of this on Tuesday at clinic. The blood culture taken in the Emergency Room came back negative. Julia started her clinic visit with blood work to check her counts. She also had a check up with Pattianne, the nurse practitioner. Julia looked fine – her ears and throat were clear. Julia’s counts came back lower than Sunday, with ANC of 1344, but still high enough to proceed with the next round of chemo. The pre-chemo meds of Zofran and Dex (the steriod) and a Sco

A Day in the ER

Julia had a clinic visit on Monday with lab work and an exam. Her exam was good and all her labs had improved. With that being said, Julia was scheduled for her next rould of chemo to begin on Tuesday, January 17. Julia had a great week. She spent each day at school with her friends – getting to both Brooke and the Malvern schools this week. The evenings were spent doing homework, playing with her Christmas toys and racing Daddy up the steps to get ready for bed. It was a good week to remember what it is like to just be a child – a child with no needles, no doctors, no medicines. Sunday morning, Julia woke at 7:30 AM with a fever and we were reminded that things can change in an instant. Wit

A Good Start to a New Year

Julia finished her last round of chemo on Friday, December 30. I think there was a special Christmas Angel watching out for her this week. Since it was a holiday week, the clinic was only open for four days. As you might remember, Julia was scheduled for a five day cycle of chemo and due to the holiday, they condense the treatments (giving her five days of medication in four days). She has gotten sick with every round of chemo, so we were expecting this to be a rough week due to the condensed chemo (20% extra meds each day). I got my Christmas wish – Julia got through a chemo week without being physically sick. Yes, she had nausea, but the “nausea cocktail” (Zofran, Ativan, Dex and a Scopatc

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