A Wonderful Weekend and Scans

Julia received a transfusion of platelets on Friday morning and was discharged from the hospital around noon. We arrived home at 1:15 PM with enough time to shower and get dressed for the wedding rehearsal and dinner. Julia was excited to be out of the hospital and even more excited to have the wedding weekend upon us. We went to the rehearsal and Julia concentrated on everything she had to do for the wedding. “I didn’t know being a flower girl was so much work”. The rehearsal dinner was held at Maggiano’s and Julia enjoyed being with everyone, but she soon tired and we thought it was best to head home early. It was important that she got plenty of sleep so she would be well rested for the w

The Roller Coaster

Julia finished week 2 of chemo without incident. Every day, we went to the clinic and Julia received her Topotecan. She was definitely feeling better with this cycle of chemo although her energy level started to wane towards the end of the week. On Thursday, we all got a surprise when Julia’s brother, John and his fiancé Amanda came home a day early. Their wedding is the 20th and they are home for final preparation for the big day. Julia was so happy to see them and is especially excited since she is the flower girl. Julia had a good start to the weekend. She spent time with her cousin, Laura on Saturday night. Julia slept late on Sunday, but when she woke up she was asking about going to th

The Steps

Julia began her second round of chemotherapy last Monday. Since her port was left accessed, Julia did not need to have extra pokes for blood draws and no longer needed an IV to give chemotherapy. Hopefully, this would make things easier. Julia developed a runny nose and cough over the weekend. Since Julia has allergies, we are thinking that could be the cause. Checking with Dr. Stern, we began to give Julia her Claritin on Wednesday. Julia seemed to be doing better with this round of chemo. She was not sleeping through the afternoon as she did during the last cycle. Thursday night the fever hit and after speaking with the doctor, we quickly packed up and headed to the ER at CHOP. After being

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