Update for Thanksgiving Week

Monday started with Julia getting her counts checked. Platelets were very low (6). This was not a big surprise as she had developed several large bruises on her legs. Since it was late in the afternoon, the clinic placed an order for platelets to be sent early the next morning. We were sent home with strict instructions that Julia was to rest (easy to do since she has been so tired). By the next morning, Julia had a sore in her mouth. It looked like a blood blister on the inside of her entire left cheek. When we got to clinic, they took another blood test to check counts and a type/cross (in case Julia needed another transfusion on Friday). Julia’s platelets dropped more (were down to 4) wit

Lots of Celebrating – Radiation Ends and A Birthday!

This week has been a week of clinic trips, radiation and birthday celebrations. Monday began with a trip to the clinic to check Julia’s counts. Her counts were dropping which meant coming back on Wednesday for another blood test. Julia wasn’t feeling very well with a cough and cold that started over the weekend. She was also very tired, so we decided it was best to stay home from school for the few hours before needing to leave for the city and her radiation treatment. Wednesday morning, Julia woke up with her usual smile, but she could not control her excitement. “Do you know what day it is?” she asked us. With several intentionally wrong answers, causing Julia to laugh her infectious laugh

A Week of Chemo and Radiation

This has been a long week for Julia. Her radiation treatments have continued each day, along with a three day round of chemo. This week’s chemo was Etoposide and Carboplatin. Carbo tends to be the hardest on Julia and even with the combination of drugs for nausea, she still gets sick. Tuesday morning, Julia woke up at 4 AM and the vomiting continued until she got to clinic at 9 and the Zofran drip began. It is so hard to watch and I wish I could take this on for her. On Tuesday, Julia fell asleep during the drive from clinic to the city for radiation. She continued to sleep as we waited for her radiation treatment, only waking to walk to the treatment room. Julia’s energy was at the lowest p

Radiation Continues

On Monday, Julia had a clinic appointment to check her blood counts. Her counts remain good and she will not need to go back to clinic for the rest of the week. We then went into the city for her daily radiation treatment. We were able to make it back to school in time for the Halloween parade. “Rapunzel” happily walked around the school playground in anticipation of the Trick or Treating to come. After school, we stopped in to see her friends at the Malvern School. She got to spend a short time there visiting with the “after school club”. When we got home, Julia was able to rest a bit before dinner and the big night. Once it got dark, Julia was dressed and out the door. She walked through t

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