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A Week of Chemo and Radiation

This has been a long week for Julia. Her radiation treatments have continued each day, along with a three day round of chemo. This week’s chemo was Etoposide and Carboplatin. Carbo tends to be the hardest on Julia and even with the combination of drugs for nausea, she still gets sick. Tuesday morning, Julia woke up at 4 AM and the vomiting continued until she got to clinic at 9 and the Zofran drip began. It is so hard to watch and I wish I could take this on for her.

On Tuesday, Julia fell asleep during the drive from clinic to the city for radiation. She continued to sleep as we waited for her radiation treatment, only waking to walk to the treatment room. Julia’s energy was at the lowest point I have seen and she slept for the long ride, only to go to bed once we arrived home.

Tuesday night seemed better and Julia was able to sleep through the night. She did not get sick as often on Wednesday morning. We even avoided her getting breakfast, but still she vomited when we arrived at the clinic. Julia said thank you as the nurse hooked up her “tubey” to the Zofran and once the drip started she asked for her edamame – the breakfast of champions during chemo. Wednesday’s chemo was just Etoposide, so the hardest part of the week was over.

Daily radiation has continued. Julia has developed a dry throat as a result of the treatments. This will go away once the treatments end – only six more treatments. We saw her radiologist, Dr. Tochner, yesterday. Dr. Tochner explained that Julia’s energy level will actually continue to lessen and he said we should expect her to feel quite tired for 2-3 weeks after the treatments.

Julia got her Neulasta injection last night, telling Daddy that he should be a doctor because his shot did not hurt too much. Next week brings daily radiation and blood checks (most likely every other day).

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