A Special Surprise

Last Friday, we surprised Julia with a trip to Disney World. We kept the plans secret – so hard to do! We had told her we were going to go out to dinner to celebrate John’s birthday and Julia being finished treatment. We planned to tell her after dinner. Julia wanted to go to Chinatown, but we were worried that with traffic, we wouldn’t make it to the airport in time. We decided to tell her after school and what a surprise it was! She was in total shock! I tried to video the surprise, but it doesn’t do it justice. You can view if with this link (http://youtu.be/xNYNUhNSDmo). Julia was in shock – the entire drive to the airport, she kept saying “we are really going to Disney World?!!” We spen

Thursday Brought the “Bling”

Well as soon as we could get an appointment at Julia’s pediatrician, we were off to get her ears pierced. When Julia got home from the Malvern School, we put some of the “numbing” cream from her port on her earlobes. Might as well use it for something fun, too. After about an hour, we left for the doctor’s office. Julia picked out a pair of gold heart stud earrings. After telling Dr. Gadzick the secret of counting 1, 2, 3 before getting a needle and then that her big brother John runs away from needles and James doesn’t like them either; Julia bravely sat as the doctors pierced each of her ears. “Let me see it in a mirror”. I found a small mirror in my purse, and carefully, Julia looked at e

Surgery to Remove the Chemo Port

It has been a great few weeks. Julia is doing so well and getting back into the rhythm of school again. She has enjoyed this last week with James being home on spring break. We have also watched Julia’s hair start to grow in again -light in color at first, but now turning darker- still only a bit of “peach fuzz”. Julia keeps guessing what her hair will be like– wondering if it will be straight (like before the first time with chemo) or curly (like it grew in last year). Last Friday, we received a call from Julia’s surgeon’s office. They were hoping to reschedule Julia’s port removal. Originally, this was to happen on April 10, but due to a cancellation, they wanted to change the surgery to t

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