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Thursday Brought the “Bling”

Well as soon as we could get an appointment at Julia’s pediatrician, we were off to get her ears pierced. When Julia got home from the Malvern School, we put some of the “numbing” cream from her port on her earlobes. Might as well use it for something fun, too. After about an hour, we left for the doctor’s office.

Julia picked out a pair of gold heart stud earrings. After telling Dr. Gadzick the secret of counting 1, 2, 3 before getting a needle and then that her big brother John runs away from needles and James doesn’t like them either; Julia bravely sat as the doctors pierced each of her ears. “Let me see it in a mirror”. I found a small mirror in my purse, and carefully, Julia looked at each ear, inspecting Dr. Gadzick’s work. “Looks great!”

Check out the new photo posted – we couldn’t agree more!

Happy Easter!

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