Home Tonight

Julia was released from the hospital this afternoon. Her ANC level increased to 5500 and she is doing great! Her appetite is back and so is her energy. The doctor said that she will be able to get back to camp and see her friends. We are through the weeds. The doctor also said that we can expect this to happen with her chemo treatments. When blood counts drop after chemo, it is common to get a fever and wind up in the hospital on antibiotics. After getting home and many hugs from Mom Mom and Pop Pop, Julia enjoyed looking at the “Chain of Love” that was made for her. Friends from all over sent Julia a “chain” with messages of good wishes and cheer, we read through many of the chain links. J

In Hospital

Julia started to run a fever this afternoon. We called the oncologist on call and headed to CHOP’s ER. They are admitting her and putting her on IV antibiotics. Her ANC level and white blood count is very low. We will pst more as we find out.

Back to Camp

Julia went back to see all her friends atcamp on Wednesday. She got to go on the trip to the moviesbefore having to go to the doctor for her shot. She needed to get a dose of Neulasta. She was so brave getting another needle and made sure to tell the nurse that ” I didn’t make a singletear – not even a little bit”. Julia does not need to go back to the doctor until Monday when her blood counts will need to be checked. Hopefully, the dip is not too bad after the first round.Today, Julia went back to camp for the entire day. She is so excited to be with all her friends. Today was beach day so she spent time under the spinkler. She is looking forward to going to swim lessons on Monday morning w

First Round of Chemo is Complete

Julia came home last night with her IV in place. We had to flush the line during the night to make sure it stayed clear. Not having a port in place makes the chemo much more difficult to give. We are trying to avoid Julia getting too many “pokes” and keeping the IV in place overnight can help. Julia finished her 5th chemo treatment today. This chemo is much harder on her and she is having some side effects already. Mornings are met with nausea and vomiting. Her energy level is still good, but she does get tired more quickly. She is more content with playing quietly, rather than running around. As the day progresses, Julia’s appetite picks up and she has been eating a good dinner. We will g

Three treatments and Home – Finishing the Cycle at Clinic

Julia has completed two rounds of chemo (Friday and Saturday) and is scheduled for her third round today. Both mornings were met with nausea and vomiting. They gave Julia some Adavan through the day yesterday that helped to subside her vomiting. Her appetite came back later in the day and she was able to eat lunch (WonTon soup –a favorite) and a little dinner. There was an issue with Julia’s IV after the second round and they needed to start a new line for today’s treatment. She slept well through the night and woke up smiling (as usual). Once today’s treatment is done, we will be heading home. Julia can’t wait to get home. Julia will have her next two rounds at the King of Prussia clinic on

Chemo Begins

The chemo treatments started today at 1:30 PM. It is a long process (6 hours) with two new drugs – Cytoxan and Etoposide. Julia received a dose of Zofran through her IV to help with the nausea. She also has a patch behind her ear of Scopolamine to also help with nausea. Chemo began with extra IV fluids before the Cytoxan was administered. This is to prevent the possible side effect of damage to the walls of the bladder. In addition after treatment, fluids continued for 3 hours. Julia will get this same treatment for the next 4 days. This round is 5 days long and then she will have two weeks without chemo. Her blood counts will be checked regularly to make sure her counts do not get too low.

Pathology report and the fight begins!

The pathology report came back tonight and we met with Dr. Stern, Julia’s oncologist. The mass is confirmed as a reoccurance of the Wilm’s tumor. The challenge iswhere the tumor is located and how large it has grown. It is pressing against her trachea and right lung. They are not sure what the tumor is growing on and it needs to shrink before the entire course oftreatment can be determined. Julia will begin chemotherapy right away. The drug regimine will be different than whatwasused the last time – stronger drugs and a longer course oftreatment. Chemo will start tomorrow andJulia will get daily treatments for the next five days. They need to give the first few rounds of chemo through an IV.

News from the 12 Month Scan

Don’t know where to begin. Julia had her 12-month scans (CT scan and labs) on Monday. They found a large mass in her right chest area. The mass is pressing against her trachea and pressing on her right lung. Julia was admitted to Children’s Hospital and a biopsy of the mass was taken yesterday. Now we just need to wait for the pathology to come back. We will not hear anything until Thursday afternoon at the earliest. There has been no sign of anything changing. Three months ago, her scans were clear and showed no sign of a tumor. Julia’s activity level has been great. She has been enjoying swimming lessons (quite the “little fish”) and playing outside with the great summer weather. She has

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