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News from the 12 Month Scan

Don’t know where to begin. Julia had her 12-month scans (CT scan and labs) on Monday. They found a large mass in her right chest area. The mass is pressing against her trachea and pressing on her right lung. Julia was admitted to Children’s Hospital and a biopsy of the mass was taken yesterday. Now we just need to wait for the pathology to come back. We will not hear anything until Thursday afternoon at the earliest. There has been no sign of anything changing. Three months ago, her scans were clear and showed no sign of a tumor. Julia’s activity level has been great. She has been enjoying swimming lessons (quite the “little fish”) and playing outside with the great summer weather. She has been doing so well and having fun in school and at summer camp with her friends. The doctors have been amazed by how she presents (no real change in stamina and activity level). They are in as much shock as we are. Please send positive thoughts and keep Julia in your prayers.

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