A Week of Dropping Counts and Scans are Scheduled

Tuesday, Julia had scans and her doctor visit. Her counts were down from last week and we knew that would mean another visit to clinic at the end of the week. Julia has had a runny nose and cough (although her lungs sound clear) since January when she went to the hospital with the fever. Dr. Stern ordered an antibiotic for Julia to try to get rid of this lingering sinus issue. Julia’s next CT-scan was also scheduled for Friday, March 2. Julia had to go back to clinic today to check her counts. She has been a little whiny – a sure sign her counts are dropping. The blood test confirmed our suspicions. Julia’s ANC is 240. Her white blood cells are 1.0 (normal range 5-14.5), hemoglobin 9.2 (norm

Chemo Begins Again

Yesterday, what could be Julia’s final round of chemo began. We got to clinic early Monday morning and Julia’s port was accessed. A blood test was completed first. Julia’s counts recovered well with the extra week off treatment. After an examination with Dr. Julie, she was given clearance to receive chemo this week – the three day round of Carboplatin and Etoposide. Dr. Julie told us that Julia will have a full round of scans in about four weeks after this round of chemo. They want to make sure that Julia’s counts fully recover before the scans are completed. If all the scans are clear, this will be Julia’s last round of chemo! Julia had a good first day of chemo. Her energy level was good t

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