The Award

Julia completed her radiation on Tuesday and got to ring the bell for a third time with Dexter (her favorite radiation tech) and Ally (from Child Life) cheering her on. Ten radiation treatments down and never a complaint. Julia just takes these challenges on as part of daily life – no whining, no complaints. After radiation, we headed to clinic for blood work and a doctor visit. All Julia’s labs were good and her counts have returned to normal. The ultrasound of her abdomen that was taken the day before showed no change – good results. Dr. Stern said that she was surprised how good Julia looked. After seeing her on Thursday during the hospital stay, it has been quite a change. An x-ray that

The Future

It has been a busy week with Julia having her daily radiation visits along with trying to fit in some time to just be a kid. The radiation has improved Julia’s breathing and she is definitely feeling better than the week before. When you look at Julia and watch her, it is almost hard to comprehend what has been happening. We spent time visiting the Please Touch Museum, the Zoo and the Adventure Aquarium. Julia had a wonderful time and even got a private visit with a penguin at the Aquarium. She got to meet “Little Ditty” and his keeper, Jenn (who happened to notice our ribbons and made this visit possible). Little Ditty even painted a canvas for Julia to take home. The painting with Ditty’s

A Ribbon

During these last few days, I have looked for glimpses of hope. My dreams for Julia, my precious gift, have gone from thinking of years of future birthdays, graduations and celebrations to those of praying for a few more days, a few more moments for “I love yous”. We have met with the doctors and know that all we can hope for is a miracle. Plans for treatment are only to relieve the symptoms – radiation started on Wednesday and will continue for 10 days to perhaps shrink the tumor followed by another drug that may allow us to steal a few more days or weeks. Julia has developed a dry cough, slight at first, but increasing in the difficulty to control. We don’t know if this cough is caused by

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