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Home Tonight

Julia was released from the hospital this afternoon. Her ANC level increased to 5500 and she is doing great! Her appetite is back and so is her energy. The doctor said that she will be able to get back to camp and see her friends. We are through the weeds. The doctor also said that we can expect this to happen with her chemo treatments. When blood counts drop after chemo, it is common to get a fever and wind up in the hospital on antibiotics. After getting home and many hugs from Mom Mom and Pop Pop, Julia enjoyed looking at the “Chain of Love” that was made for her. Friends from all over sent Julia a “chain” with messages of good wishes and cheer, we read through many of the chain links. Julia was so happy to read the special messages. She especially liked seeing one from Texas – a favorite state that she wants to visit so she can see real cowboys – and also seeing all the silly bands. She even had chain links with special Disney quotes from some of her favorite movies. Julia liked to play a game and guess who said the quote written on the chain. After playing with her Barbies and taking a bath, Julia settled in to watch her new favorite movie – Return of the Jedi – and go to sleep. It will be good to be in her bed tonight.

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