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Chemo Begins

The chemo treatments started today at 1:30 PM. It is a long process (6 hours) with two new drugs – Cytoxan and Etoposide. Julia received a dose of Zofran through her IV to help with the nausea. She also has a patch behind her ear of Scopolamine to also help with nausea. Chemo began with extra IV fluids before the Cytoxan was administered. This is to prevent the possible side effect of damage to the walls of the bladder. In addition after treatment, fluids continued for 3 hours. Julia will get this same treatment for the next 4 days. This round is 5 days long and then she will have two weeks without chemo. Her blood counts will be checked regularly to make sure her counts do not get too low. We have been told to expect that her counts will go lower than during the previous treatments. Julia plans to get back to school and to swimming as soon as possible. She is determined to have more fun at summer camp and go on all the field trips. She was so happy today to read all the cards from her friends at camp and also from her friend, Kristina. She can’t wait to see all her friends and get to play with them soon.

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