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Surgery to Remove the Chemo Port

It has been a great few weeks. Julia is doing so well and getting back into the rhythm of school again. She has enjoyed this last week with James being home on spring break. We have also watched Julia’s hair start to grow in again -light in color at first, but now turning darker- still only a bit of “peach fuzz”. Julia keeps guessing what her hair will be like– wondering if it will be straight (like before the first time with chemo) or curly (like it grew in last year).

Last Friday, we received a call from Julia’s surgeon’s office. They were hoping to reschedule Julia’s port removal. Originally, this was to happen on April 10, but due to a cancellation, they wanted to change the surgery to today. A quick visit to see Dr. Mettei and the anesthesiologist yesterday morning and the change was confirmed. Julia was cleared for surgery.

Julia was not phased by this sudden change of events. “Good, I can’t wait to get rid of my ‘tubey’…. You know what that means? No more bump in my chest, no more chemo and I can get my ears pierced.” Julia has been asking to get her ears pierced. She has told us that she is big girl now, can take care of her jewelry and isn’t “afraid of needles”. No denying these are good reasons and now that her counts are rebounded and port will be removed, Julia will get her ears pierced.

We had to be at the hospital early this morning – a 6:15 AM call time. We thought for sure that we would be carrying Julia to the car. Last night was a late night as we went to the Phillies game. But, as soon as we went to move her, Julia awoke and said she would walk to the car. Strong and independent – that’s our girl.

By 8:30 AM, Julia was out of surgery and in recovery. No more chemo port – it is official. By this afternoon, Julia was already asking if she could go to the park to play on the big play set. She is amazing, but we think we will wait 24 hours to visit the park.

We now wait until June for her first set of scans. It will be a busy few months and we know the scans will be here quickly.

April brings Easter and catching up on dental visits, eye exams and a WELL CHILD visit at the pediatrician. It sounds so good to say that. It will also bring some “magical surprises” we have planned for Julia (everyone will hear about that later this month).

May brings Cousin Laura’s college graduation and James coming home from college for the summer. May is also time for Relay for Life and “Julia’s Campers”. Remember to visit Julia’s team page and join us at

Before you know it, it will be time for the first set of scans. Until then, time to enjoy life, enjoy Julia and as only Julia could say it “get some bling for my ears”.

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