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Hump Day

On Sunday, Julia left for a week at Ronald McDonald Camp. As hard as it was to let her go and not see her for five days, we knew how much Julia wanted to go back to this great camp. She boarded the bus with all the other kids and after blowing kisses and many waves goodbye (and a few tears), Julia was on her way.

Every night we sit by the computer waiting for the daily photos to be posted on the RMC website. Luckily, we have had a little glimpse of Julia and all the fun she is having. Dr. Stern has called twice to put my mind at ease and let me know that Julia is doing well. Today’s call brought an update that her breathing sounds the same as last week – good news. She said Julia is a little tired, but it is a very active week for everyone attending and I know Julia is not used to the early morning wake up calls.

Today, we received another gift. Julia was selected to receive a photo shoot with a wonderful photographer, Tyler Boyce. Julia and I drove out to meet Tyler and his wife, Stephanie, last week. We spent an hour with them and Julia had a blast being their model. Tyler and Stephanie’s Blog was posted today and featured some amazing photos of Julia. Seeing Julia’s beautiful smile was just what I needed to get through the rest of the week. More importantly, Julia’s photos will help bring attention to Childhood Cancer and the need to continue to search for a cure. You can read the blog and see the photos at -

So we have three more sleeps (or lack of it) and we will get to see our girl. Three more sleeps until we get caught up on our hugs and kisses. Three more sleeps until we see Julia’s beautiful smile in person.

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