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Chemo #3

Another chemo treatment today. All Julia’s blood counts were excellent and she bounced back well after last week’s treatment. This week she received VinCristine again, so there should not be any rough side effects. Julia has lost some weight, so we need to find ways to get her some extra calories (whole milk instead of skim, lots of cookies). She has not lost her appetite and is eating well, so we need to find ways add some additional calories in what she is already eating.

We also had a visit with a cardiologist today to check on her heart. While she was in the hospital, she had an elevated heart rate (possibly due to the tumor pressing on her heart). She is taking Digoxin to bring her heart rate down to a normal rate. They will be moderating her throughout her treatment.

Julia is looking forward to John coming home (“just one more sleep”)for the holidays and also Santa visiting at the end of the week.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

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