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Post-Op, Day 1

Julia had a good day today. Her pain was well managed with the epidural and she was able to sit up in a chair for some time this afternoon. She is still on a clear diet, but she does not have an appetite yet. Dr. Mattei stopped in and feels that she is doing great. Her kidney is functioning well and she is on the mend.

The radiation nurse practitioner came in this afternoon. It looks like set up will begin next Wednesday and Julia’s first radiation treatment will be on Friday. She will then have treatments the entire next week (Monday-Friday). She will be put under general anesthesia for each treatment. She needs to stay perfectly still and must be alone in the room so this is the best way to handle treatments.

This evening Julia had a special visitor. Cinderella made a special visit to the hospital (thanks to a few very special people that have some pull with the Princess posse). When she walked in the room, Julia’s face lit up and she was speechless. When Cinderella said she was here to see Julia and spend some time with her, Julia got so excited the heart monitor went off for just a second. She looked amazed as Cinderella spoke with her and then began to sing some of Julia’s favorite songs. Cinderella read a special story and then they chatted about the castle and Julia’s favorite rides at Disney World. After some time, Julia told Cinderella she was getting tired and Cinderella posed for a picture with Julia before leaving. Julia fell asleep with a smile on her face and I am sure that she is having sweet princess dreams.

Thanks to the special “angels” that were responsible for this visit.

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