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Chemo #15 – The Final Treatment

Today, Julia had her final chemo treatment! Her blood counts were all within an acceptable range and her ANC level had rebounded a bit from last week. Julia got a dose of Zofran to keep the nausea at bay and then received both VinCristine and Dactinomycin. We celebrated with all the staff at clinic that this was Julia’s last treatment. Julia was so excited that it was her last “tubie”.

The next two weeks will be blood tests to check all her levels and then at week three, Julia will have a full set of scans. If all the scans are clear, she will be scheduled for surgery to remove her port. Julia will then be scheduled for regular scans to ensure that all the cancer is gone.

We also received some beautiful photos of Julia that were taken by a group called Flashes of Hope. I have posted a few of the photos on the site to share with everyone.

Julia spent the afternoon resting. She has been complaining about her stomach and had a few trips to the bathroom. We expect that the night and tomorrow morning will be a bit rough. Glad it is almost over. She is hoping that her hair will begin to grow back in time for kindergarten.

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