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Halfway Through Chemo Week 2

Three chemo treatments down and two to go. Julia got through the first three treatments with the same IV. We flushed it in the evenings and luckily we were able to keep her accessed with the same line until the end of today. There was a little scare this morning when we first got to clinic, the line had started to move out, but Moy (one of Julia’s nurses today) was able to do her magic and secure the line.

Yesterday, they added a type of steroid to the mix when they gave Julia Zofran. This seemed to make things better this morning. Julia’s appetite was better mid-day and into dinner. Hopefully, we have a good plan in place and the right combinations of drugs to help subside some of the bad side effects.

The days have been long and Julia has amazed us with her strength and spirit. No matter what happens and how awful she feels, Julia smiles. Mornings have been roughest with the nausea and some vomiting. You can see the toll on her face, the dark circles, the paleness of her skin; but through it all she smiles and talks about next week when she can see her friends, have a play date, swim again.

Tomorrow brings another IV line and then two more days of chemo. Saturday will be an injection of Neulasta and then waiting out the next few days to see how low Julia’s counts go. And of course, back to playdates and being with her friends.

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