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Chemo Round # 5 Begins

Julia’s counts were good today, so her 5th round of chemo began. After accessing her port, checking her counts, and a visit with Dr. Julie, chemo was ordered. This week’s medicines include Cytoxin and Etoposide. As usual, Julia’s treatment began with a 24-hour dose of Zofran and ended with Ativan.

The day at clinic was long as treatment includes three hours of fluids to avoid the side effect of bladder damage that can happen with Cytoxin. Julia was very tired and sat quietly during treatment – playing her new Barbie Jet Set fashion game on the DS (traveling the world as a “fashionista”), watching movies (Tinkerbell) and napping (dreaming of “dancing and touching the clouds”).

Julia got to see her friend Kristina tonight for a short playdate after dinner. When she got home, we gave Julia a small dose of Benadryl to help with nausea. She fell asleep a short time later. Hopefully the night will include more dreaming and dancing in the clouds.

Four more days of this round of chemo and radiation begins next Monday.

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