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Summer Comes Early!!!

Julia’s scans are all clear!!!!!!! There was no sign of cancer. She has a bit of scar tissue in her lung from the radiation, but other than that everything looks great.

Julia’s chemotherapy is over. She will have blood work over the next week or so to watch that her counts get back to normal. Her platelets were still low today (17), but they seem to be rebounding so she did not get a transfusion today. Once all her counts have rebounded, she will be scheduled for surgery to remove her chemo port.

Now the official countdown to be considered cured begins (5 years cancer -free). March 2, 2017 – what a party we will have!!! Until then, Julia will have scans every three months for the next year (CT of the lungs and ultrasound of the abdomen). Regular scans will happen beyond then, but I am not sure of the frequency.

Thank you to everyone for your positive throughts and prayers. Your love and support gave us strentgh to get through this. We will keep you updated on all Julia’s doctor visits, but until then, let summer begin!!

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