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Chemo #2

Julia had her second chemo treatment today. She is able to have this done at CHOP’s King of Prussia clinic. All of her levels (blood work) were good and have bounced back nicely from the last treatment. This week’s chemo was only one drug, VinCristine – not the combination like last week. The doctor feels that she shouldn’t have too much of a reaction. Julia will visit the clinic every week for her treatment. In 2-3 weeks, she will have an echocardiagram and a visit to the cardiologist to see if she can come off of the heart medication (the tumor has grown up the IVC to the heart which has caused an elevated heart rate – medication is controlling this).

At week 7, she will have a series of scans to see the tumor is shrinking. This will help the doctors determine when surgery will take place.

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