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Chemo # 10 and an Update to Treatment

Sporting a zebra print hat and matching snow boots (and no, they were not purchased at the same time), today was chemo treatment #10. Julia has continued to be quite the fashion diva with all her new hats. (We posted a new photo for everyone to see)

Julia’s labs all came back with good results and her hemoglobin remains above 10. This is great news. Both VinCristine and Doxorubicin were the chemo du jour. Since she had radiation recently, the dose of Doxorubicin was half of what she previously received. Julia was also given a dose of Zofran to stop nausea before the administration of the chemo. This has worked well with past doses of Doxo.

We also received confirmation today that Julia is going into the last stage of treatment. Yeah! She will be moving to chemo every third week with her labs checked weekly. The difference in the chemo is that she will receive two drugs at each third week session (VinCristine with either Dactinomycine or Doxorubicin). However, the chemo will be larger doses than what she has received with weekly treatments. This regimen will continue until June.

Julia will have a follow-up visit to the surgeon, Dr. Mattei, this Friday. She has healed so wellfrom the surgery, so we don’t expect any surprises.

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