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Post-Op, Day 3

Well, it is hard to believe that surgery was Thursday and we are home on Sunday afternoon. Dr. Mattei stopped in early this morning to check on Julia and was amazed at how well she is doing. She is already doing everything that they look for post-op (eating, drinking, peeing,etc.) so he saw no reason to keep her in the hospital another night. Being at home and sleeping in her own bed will be the best medicine.

Radiology stopped in to discuss the schedule as they have made a few changes. As of today, setup and simulation will be on Thursday. Radiation will begin on Monday, January 25. Chemo will be at the King of Prussia clinic this Tuesday and will be in the city on the 26th (since we will already be there for radiation). We should have the results of the lung biopsy by this Tuesday’s clinic visit.

Julia was thrilled to get home and has been playing with all her toys since here. It is hard to believe that she had major surgery 3 days ago.

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