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Chemo # 12 and a Cardiologist Visit

First, an update from last week. Julia did need to go for blood work. She was healthy all week, but since she is involved in a study, she is required to have weekly studies completed. The doctor called last week to give us a head’s up. We didn’t want to alarm anyone by posting last week (since no one was expecting an update).

Today was a busy day with a cardiologist appointment in the morning and chemo in the afternoon. As you may remember, Julia was placed on Digoxin to help to regulate her heartbeat. Her heart went into tachycardia during her first hospital stay (what was thought to be the result of the tumor growing up her IVC and touching her heart). Julia had an EKG and Echocardiogram today – everything looks great. Dr. Vogel, her cardiologist, does not want to make any changes to her medication until after her chemo treatments and her port is removed. She will have a follow-up appointment in the summer.

Julia also saw Dr. Stern today and had chemo treatment #12. Today’s chemo was VinCristine and Doxirubicin. Julia’s counts were all great – her white blood count was a bit low, but nothing to be concerned about. Her physical exam was good. She does show some slight side effects from the VinCristine – loss of reflexes and some motor skill changes. We will be keeping an eye on any other changes – if it gets worse, Julia may need some physical therapy.

As many of you are aware, we will be participating in the Phoenixville, PA Relay for Life on May 7-8. Julia has named her team (“Julia’s Campers”) and is so looking forward to sleeping under the stars with her family and friends. We went to our first meeting on Monday and Julia has already signed up to help with part of the ceremony on Friday night. She is so excited about taking part. She charmed everyone at the meeting – I think she will be running things next year.

Julia is coming down the home stretch. She only has three more chemo treatments! Her last treatment will be the end of May. She will be having weekly blood work and some additional tests completed after the last chemo. It will be so great for the chemo to end. You can really see the effect it is having on her body.

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