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Chemo #14 and Scans

The last two weeks Julia has been going to PT and had weekly lab work. All of her counts have been good. Today was a full day with ultrasound, lung x-ray and blood work, followed by chemo treatment #14. Her scans all came back clear and her blood tests were good. Julia’s counts have remained within an acceptable range. We have been blessed that everything is going as it should.

Her chemo treatment was VinCristine and Doxcyrubicin. She had Zofrin with the treatment, so she was not nauseous this afternoon. She got a bit tired as the day progressed. We expect that tomorrow will bring lots of rest and bland foods and beverages. Each chemo has gotten progressively harder for her, so we are so happy that there is only one more to go.

This Friday is the Relay for Life and Julia is looking forward to the “camp out”. She will be helping with the opening ceremony and can’t wait to walk with her family and friends.

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