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Good Counts -Wk 1 Post Chemo

Julia had a clinic visit and exam today. As usual, she was so brave with the blood draw. She gives precise directions to the nurse – “count to 3 slowly before inserting the needle, so I can shut my eyes and take a deep breath; also, count to 3 before taking out the needle and use gauze to stop the blood”. There needs to be a check of what “character” will be on the Band-Aid, so she has the right one for the day. Today was a Looney Tunes day.

All Julia’s counts were good even though some of the cell counts were low. ANC was 5740. Red blood cells 3.43 (reference 4.0-5.2), hemoglobin 9.6 (reference 11.5-15.5), and platelets 157 (reference 150-400). The Neulasta is helping to keep her counts at a good level. Dr. Stern wants Julia to come in on Monday morning for another blood test. There is a chance that her counts will drop as the Neulasta wears off and Julia will need a transfusion.

On Monday, Julia will also have a baseline hearing test. One of the rare side effects of Carboplatin is damage to the ear, causing hearing loss and balance issues. Just one of the items we need to watch out for during her treatment.

Until Monday, it is back to school and first-grade fun!

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