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Counts Today

Julia was so happy going to clinic today. Julia appropriately sang Hakuna Matata from the Lion King as she sat in the waiting and exam rooms. “It means no worries for the rest of your days…” – Julia’s voice filled the rooms with her optimism and a joy for everything she does. It is contagious.

Julia was especially excited about sharing her “fortune teller” with everyone. For those that don’t know, the “fortune teller” is a pyramid folded paper with colors and numbers written on the triangle spaces. After the person selects a series of colors and numbers, the triangle flap is lifted to tell a “fortune”. Kesha, Megan and Dr. Julie, all got to hear Julia tell them that their future is filled with a new car (Kesha), jewels (Megan), and even being queen (Dr. Julie)! Julia’s optimism, her joy – it is contagious.

All of Julia’s counts were great today! Her platelet count went up! Scans (CT-scan, ultrasound, x-ray) and blood work are scheduled for Monday. We will find out what the tumor is growing on and how it has reacted to the chemo over the past weeks. At some point next week, we will know what the next steps are in getting rid of Julia’s cancer – surgery and/or radiation. Dr. Stern is giving both the surgeon and radiologist a “head’s up” that the scans are taking place. This way they can be prepared for any “action” to take place the week of October 10.

Until Monday, lots of fun filled days – a birthday party, school, and a trip to the beach. Days filled with Julia’s smiles, her optimism and her joy. It is contagious.

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