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Counts One Week After Chemo

Julia started the week with a clinic visit on Monday afternoon. When I picked her up from school, she was in the nurse’s office. She had complained of a headache and needed to lie down. This is not the first time in recent weeks that Julia has complained about her head. I mentioned it during her clinic visit and we need to start to track when she gets them to see if there is a pattern or common thread. Dr. Julie thinks it may be the Zofran – something that helps, causing a side effect.

Julia’s counts were low (platelets 123, ANC 4185, hemoglobin 9), even with the magical Neulasta drug, but not low enough for a transfusion. We will need to track how they drop over the next week until they begin to rebound again.

On Wednesday night, Julia (with Mom and Dad) was invited to the Christmas party for Total Rental – Julia’s sponsor for last year’s Make A Wish trip. She got to see everyone and show them some photos from the cruise. She got very tired towards the end of the evening – a definite sign of her counts dropping.

Thursday morning brought another clinic visit and blood test. Julia remains so calm, never flinching, during all of the arm pokes now. It just isn’t right, no one should get so used to blood tests that they don’t get anxious. Julia’s counts dropped again -her platelets are at 67 and ANC is 144. Her hemoglobin is up to 9.1. Hoping she has started the rebound.

Dr. Julie gave us the okay for a fun filled travel weekend. We are heading to New York City to have dinner with some work friends on Friday night and then head to the Radio City show on Saturday. Julia was so excited when we told her (we kept it a secret just in case she did not make counts and could not travel). She has been asking to visit New York and “see the tall buildings and taller Christmas tree”. On Sunday afternoon, Julia, Aunt Cindy and I are headed to see the Nutcracker in Bethlehem. It really will be a weekend full of the magic of Christmas.

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