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Chemo #13

Yesterday Julia had chemo #13. A dose of VinCristine and Dactinomycin (with Zofran for the nausea). All of her counts were great and she has rebounded very well from the last chemo. Dr. Stern has ordered Physical Therapy for Julia. It appears that she is having some neuropathy from the VinCirstine. Her balance is off and she is showing some signs of weakness/issues with her leg muscles. This is a common side effect and Dr. Stern feels that it is best to get some PT started so that it does not progress. VinCristine can also cause the ligiments in the legs to shorten and it is important that Julia gets somes exercises/treatments to prevent this from continuing.

Julia spent last evening and most of today in bed. She feel asleep earlier than normal last night, but was up most of the night, just wanting to be held. She complained of her “belly not feeling well” and has not been interested in eating. Each chemo treatment seems a bit harder than the last and the effects are wearing her down. Thankful that there are only two more chemos.

Julia will have two weeks off to recover before her next treatment. She will also be having an ultrasound and lung x-ray before her next chemo treatment on May 4. Say a prayer that everything will be clear.

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